Croplands Fan Sprayer - Herbiliner

Croplands Herbiliner trailed herbicide applicators can provide up to 3-row application with features and options well suited to the task. Either as a linkage mounted single-row sprayer, or coupled to a trailing herbicide tank and chassis, with optional herbicide injection, the system gives growers another tool for ensuring these jobs are done on time and efficiently.


Available in 1500, 2000 and 3000 litre sizes, with options of 2 or 3-row configuration, the Herbiliner features:

  • Positive displacement diaphragm pump
  • Electric section control
  • Galvanised chassis
  • Front-mounted hydraulic fold boom
  • Covered booms
  • Suction probe
  • Flushing and hand-wash tank
  • Optional self-steering drawbar
  • Optional tandem suspension axle
  • Quick fill option

The Herbiliner Plus has some extra options, and is based on the same chassis design as the Quantum Mist vineyard sprayer. A rear mounted folding boom assembly allows a hydraulic terracing kit to be fitted, a hydraulically operated outer-row adjustment kit option, and can be made in tank sizes of 2000 and 3000 litre.

  • There are no features available

Impact resistant polyethylene with UV-stabilised finish.  Calibrated sight gauge, flip open filling lid with large basket strainer, separate chemical pre-mixer and 1 1/4” drain valve. Quick fill system and suction probe standard.
Models Available:

  • 3000 litre main tank with 90 litre flush tank
  • 2000 litre main tank with 120 litre flush tank
  • 1500 litre slimline tank (standard Herbiliner only)

Separate 15 litre hand wash tank.


2-section electric solenoid boom section control with manual pressure adjustment and gauge fitted standard.  Options:

  • Spraymate auto-rate controller
  • MT3405 auto-rate controller
  • HV4000 auto-rate controller

Single fixed axle. Full length, heavy duty, galvanised chassis, single step and jockey stand.  Heavy duty over-row front mounted hydraulic fold arms with optional diverter valve for independent boom fold.

  • Booms fold rearwards (Standard Herbiliner)
  • Booms fold forwards (Herbiliner Plus)
  • Hydraulic outer-row width option available (Herbiliner Plus only)
  • Hydraulic left-right terracing kit available (Herbiliner Plus only)
  • 3000 litre – steel rims, 400 x 15.5 flotation tyres
  • 1500 litre – steel rims, 11.5/80 x 15.3” tyres
Optional tandem suspension axle.DIMENSIONS
  • 1500 litre 3.5m L x 1.60m W x 2.6m H (standard only)
  • 2000 litre 3.7m L x 1.65m W x 2.7m H
  • 3000 litre 4.0m L x 1.65m W x 2.8m H
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Make: Croplands
Condition: New
Category: Spraying Equipment
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