Croplands Fan Sprayer - Quantum Mist Tower

Fan Sprayer

Growers of high-value tree crops such as pip and stonefruit or avocados have moved to more intensive plantings to maximise their returns and improve harvesting efficiency.
Often this has meant the conventional air-blast sprayer doesn’t suit the orchard design.
The tree shape in these situations lends itself perfectly to the Quantum Mist Tower sprayer – built specifically for these intensive plantings.
With three Quantum Mist heads per side, the tower sprayer provides much more precise application to each sector of the tree, with a total of 24 nozzles per tree canopy side compared to a conventional sprayer with around 10 nozzles per side.
Better coverage with faster travel speeds makes total economic sense and is exactly what growers are discovering with the Quantum Mist Tower sprayer.
Another real benefit of the individual fan set up on the Quantum Tower sprayer is the ability to isolate the liquid flow from individual fans (each fan has a separate manual shut-off tap). This means that the Tower sprayer can be used to spray varying tree sizes as trees are developing on different blocks in the orchard. This can also be achieved with an in-cab switch box. During chemical thinning in crops such as apples, flowering often occurs at different stages in the canopy. Individual fans mean that areas of the tree can be targeted separately during this critical spray application period.

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Separate 15 litre fresh water tank. Models available:

  • 4000XL litre main tank with separate 80 litre flush tank
  • 3000XL litre main tank with separate 90 litre flush tank
  • 2000XL litre main tank with separate 130 litre flush tank
  • 2000HS litre main tank with 80 litre flushing tank optional


  • 4000XL – 400 x 22.5 flotation tyres, steel rims
  • 3000XL – 400 x 15.5 flotation tyres, steel rims
  • 2000HS – 10.0/75 x 15.3” 10 ply tyres, steel rims
  • 2000XL – 11.5/80 x 15.3” 12 ply tyres, steel rims

Empty approx 740 to 1200kg (depending on model).

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Make: Croplands
Condition: New
Category: Spraying Equipment
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