Croplands Fan Sprayer - Quantum Mist Ultra Tower

Fan Sprayer

The Quantum Mist Ultra Tower is perfect for larger tree spraying of crops such as citrus, avocados and mangos.
The Ultra Tower allows you to cover ground faster with time saving and reduced fuel costs compared to traditional air blast technology.
Eight individual 500mm Quantum Mist fans for complete canopy coverage, effective for all spray applications.
Comes with eight ceramic ALBUZ ConeJet nozzles per fan, and up to 16 nozzles can be fitted on each fan as an option using double nozzle assemblies.
Each fan can be individually adjusted, to maximise the coverage across different canopy types and growth stages.
Leaf guards are fitted to the two bottom fans.

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HTP4000QMT-Q8 Quantum Mist 4000 litre Ultra Tower sprayer, AR250/135 pump, 8 x 500mm fans


Talk to your Croplands dealer to add these to your order


HT-ARBH5200 MT3405 auto-rate controller, 4-section
HT-HV4000/ARAG4 HV4000 auto-rate controller, 4-section
HT-BRAVO180/ARAG4 Bravo 180 auto-rate controller, 4-section
KEEA1920 Data logger for HV4000 (logs L/ha only)


HT-HVRPM1 Single fan rpm sensor for HV4000, monitors one fan only
HT-HVRPM8A Multi-fan rpm sensor for HV4000 with ECU for 8 sensors
HP-223C-2 Electric fan speed control (must have HV4000 controller)
HP-223C-MV Manual fan speed control
HT-DOZ500 Double-swivel nozzle assembly in lieu of singles on QM500 fans
HT-FG Fan guard/leaf shield (each) (to suit QM500 fan), two guards fitted as standard


HT-BP400AD2 Tandem suspension axle for 4000 litre, with mud flaps
HT-BP400S Tandem steering axle to suit 4000 litre, including mud flaps
HT-EDV Electric diverter valve


HT-HYDADJ Hydraulic individual tower adjustment kit (comes with left and right in-cab control)
HT-HYDPACK3 Self-contained hydraulic powerpack for fan drive
BG-OIL Biodegradeable oil in lieu of mineral oil
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Make: Croplands
Condition: New
Category: Spraying Equipment

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