Croplands Self Propelled Sprayer – Mako 450

Self Propelled Sprayer

Named after an aggressive and intelligent predator, the Mako is Croplands newest and lightest self propelled sprayer – officially released to the Australian market in August 2016.
Its reliable all-mechanical powertrain makes the Croplands Mako the perfect solution for farmers and contractors alike. In addition to reliability, the powertrain offers plenty of horsepower, a quick response, fuel efficiency and high field speeds.
Small, lightweight and agile, this machine stays on top of the ground, making tight turns with ease. The Mako features a 140 inch wheelbase and a narrow track width resulting in a compact 4.2 metre turning radius. Its overall design makes traveling between paddocks simple and comfortable too.
The Mako has the ideal design for tall broadleaf, cotton and row crop applications.
The Croplands Mako offers the perfect combination of liquid capacity and machine weight to dramatically reduce soil compaction. Due to its lightweight design and equal weight distribution, the Mako performs exceptionally well – even in wet conditions. With its rigid, commercial grade frame and 1500 litre product tank, you’ll never compromise productivity either.
Designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of agricultural application, the Mako’s 130 horsepower Cummins engine is paired with a custom cooling system resulting in a package that has more torque, more power and a better transient response than your typical 130 horsepower engine. Air cooled and turbocharged, the engine package is designed to go hard, even under heavy loads and tough applications.
To top it off, the Croplands Mako’s sprayer-specific cab is simple, spacious, and comfortable

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»» 1,500 litre product tank
»» 117 cm of clearance
»» 203-274 cm (80-108 in.) adjustable width axles
»» Fuel efficient mechanical drive train
»» Tier 3 Cummins engine, 130 hp
»» Allison 2100 RDS, automatic 5-speed transmission
»» 13.8 ft (4.2 m) turning radius

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Make: Croplands
Condition: New
Category: Spraying Equipment
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