Croplands Sprayer 3-Point Linkage - Agripack

3-Point Linkage Sprayer

Linkage sprayers are most commonly used on smaller properties and where the weight of larger trailed or self-propelled sprayers causes compaction issues.
Using the 3-point linkage of a tractor the weight of the spray tank is kept close to the rear wheels for safety and to optimise load-carrying potential.
All Agripak models have been improved over time to keep up with the needs of farmers. There are three base models are available: 500 litre, 700 litre and 1000 litre.
All Agripak sprayers have the following features in common:

  • Hot-dipped galvanised frame
  • Optional boom sizes from 3 metres to 12 metres
  • 3-point linkage mounting
  • Adjustable post for ManualĀ or electric control unit
  • Multi boom-section capability
  • UV-stabilised tanks
  • Rear-mounted pump for longer PTO drive (more vertical movement of PTO shaft)
  • Protected filter with shut-off
  • Pull-drain for safety
  • There are no features available
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Make: Croplands
Condition: New
Category: Spraying Equipment
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