Croplands Sprayer - 3-point linkage (Quantum Mist)

3-point linkage

Linkage sprayers are most commonly used on smaller properties and where the weight of larger trailed or self-propelled sprayers causes compaction issues.
Using the 3-point linkage of a tractor the weight of the spray tank is kept close to the rear wheels for safety and to optimise load-carrying potential.
The cable-drive system has been initially developed for single row Quantum Mist sprayers to enable smaller tractors to use the extremely successful Quantum Mist technology. For linkage sprayers, single-row sprayers and horizontal boom applications, the cable-drive system provides excellent options for growers with
savings in power requirements and fuel use.
For canopy crops, such as grapes or other trellis-grown fruit, four fans – in either 380mm or 500mm configuration – are individually directly driven by a flexible cable from a central gearbox located on the sprayer frame.
Croplands have been working on this design for two years with the aim of introducing the system as a very simple and reliable option. For horizontal use in crops such as strawberries or vegetables, up to five 380mm or 500mm fans can be driven using cable-drive

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HL700QS-Q4 Quantum Mist 700 litre, AR115 pump, 4 x QM380 fans
HL700QL-Q4 Quantum Mist 700 litre, AR115 pump, 4 x QM500 fans


TANK OPTION 1000 litre in lieu of 700 litre
MISC  (text on order)
HT-ARAG2 Electric L/R prop. Shut-off with switchbox and pressure adjustment
HT-BRAVO180 Bravo 180 auto-rate controller, 2-section
HT-HV4000 HV4000 Controller, 2-section
HT-HVRPM1 Single fan RPM sensor to monitor fan speed (one fan only) – must have HV4000 controller fitted
HT-ADJ Hydraulically adjustable L/R terracing kit (requires one set remotes)
Make: Croplands
Condition: New
Category: Spraying Equipment
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