Croplands SUPER HD LINKAGE 1600 & 1300 LITRE

linkage for larger farms



»» Heavy duty epoxy-powder coated frame with quick-hitch fitted
»» 1200mm integrated hydraulic lift device
»» Translucent white polyethylene UVstabilised tank with volume markings, hinged lid, filling strainer and drain.
»» Integrated 170 litre flushing tank and 15 litre handwash tank
»» Full tank rinsing facility and work-station
»» Integrated 30 litre chemical mixing and induction unit
»» Storage locker for storing protective clothing
»» 160 L/min Annovi Reverberi positive displacement 0–20 bar pump
»» 3 section electric pressure-compensating control unit fitted with in-cab switch-box, electric pressure control, proportional bypass and master on/off switch
»» Suction filter with shut-off valve
»» Retractable parking legs for safe hook-up
»» Large, fold-out access step


»» 5 section in-cab on/off electric controls
»» Fully automatic spray rate control for up to 10 sections – from a basic controller right through to auto-boom shut off and full GPS control
»» Hydraulic pump drive in lieu of PTO drive
»» Side mount hose reel for up to 100 metres of hose
»» 16, 18, 21 or 24 metre powder coated hydraulic side-folding boom with automatic cable-locking self-levelling device and hydraulic hose kit to fold boom simultaneously. Airbag boom suspension fitted. A wing-lift version in this range is also available
»» 18 or 24 metre BDU and BDU plus series concertina fold compact boom options – specifically for conditions where a narrower and a more compact transport position is required. Gasaccumulator suspension fitted standard. In-cab electric/hydraulic control for boom functions supplied
»» Hydraulic kit for individual outer wing fold – allows boom to be “short-folded” (not available for BDU booms)
»» Triplex nozzle bodies complete with 02, 03 and 04 AirMix® tips – these sizes can be changed to suit your application.  Note – all Croplands booms come with AirMix® air-induction drift reducing nozzles standard
»» Manual or electric fence-line nozzle can be fitted to booms (right hand side)
»» Pump suction kit (Camlok on 3-way valve by suction filter for external suction using the liquid pump)
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  • There are no features available


  • White polyethylene UV stabilised tank, with calibrated dry sight gauge, large filling lid and basket strainer
  • Tank and frame unit is designed to bring weight as far forward as possible for maximum safety and weight transfer onto rear wheels of the tractor
  • 2” Camlok quickfill point with rotary selector valve to choose which tank to fill
  • 15 litre fresh water hand wash tank standard
  • 170 litre flushing tank with integrated clothes locker fitted standard
  • Tank rinsing kit fitted
  • Tank agitation (Venturi type) fitted, driven from pump manifold


  • Heavy duty steel frame for maximum strength and durability, epoxy coated for corrosion resistance
  • 1500mm hydraulic lift device integrated as part of the main frame for boom lift
  • Folding step for access to top of tank if needed, folds away for safety during operation
  • Support legs (retractable) for parking when unit not in use


  • Quick hitch 3-point linkage system for easy mounting/demounting of the sprayer from the tractor
  • Category II linkage points standard


  • AR160 (160 L/min, 0–20 bar), PTO driven positive displacement, oil bath diaphragm pump with chemical resistant diaphragms (optional AR185 pump available)
  • Central control station for all liquid functions (spraying, mixing, filling, rinsing etc)


  • Integrated Chem-e-Flush mixing/induction unit fitted standard (30 litre)
  • Independent boom flush system fitted


  • Epoxy coated for corrosion protection
  • All booms fitted with AirMix® 02 air-induction low drift nozzles standard
  • Wing-lift for booms arms optional (side-folding booms only)
  • BDU, BDU plus, Heron series and BDL series booms can be fitted – see next page for more details


  • Electric controls standard with 3 section motorised boom valves, in-cab console and electric pressure control fitted – master switch for switching all sections off simultaneously
  • Optional: Bravo 180 automatic spray rate controller


4 filtration points:

  • Basket strainer 18 mesh
  • Large suction filter 50 mesh
  • Pressure line filter 80 mesh
  • Nozzle strainers 50 mesh
Make: Croplands
Condition: New
Category: Spraying Equipment
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