Croplands Utility Sprayer - 12 Volt Spot Sprayers (Diesel Transfer)

Utility Sprayer

30 – 200 Ltr Models:
A recent re-design of the Croplands spot sprayer range gives these models some significant benefits including an excellent suction filter, robust tank design, easy emptying, large filling lid, 6 metres of hose and a reliable shut off gun with brass lance. All models can sit on a vehicle tray or carrier as they have a flat base.
400 & 800Ltr Models:
Both the 400 and 800 litre spot sprayers have a flat base and top-mounted pump for easy access. Both tanks are baffled to avoid excessive liquid surge, and have a handy hook arrangement to keep the spray hose tidy and out of the way when travelling.
70Ltr ATV model:
The 70-litre ATV spot sprayer is a wrap-around design and is available in two pump sizes. A larger 15 l/min pump model is useful for use with a boom – which is also part of the range available for this model
50Ltr Greens Model:
A very handy 50 litre greens sprayer is part of the Croplands stable featuring a hand-lance, 2 metre fold-away boom, rechargeable 12-volt heavy duty battery supplied and a switch kit for easy on/off operation. With a 360-degree swivelling front wheel this unit is ideal for greenkeepers and bowling greens.
Diesel Transfer Unit:
The 400 litre diesel transfer unit comes in a squat or high-side version depending on your ute-tray requirements. Check out the options on-line. The 200 litre, like the larger models, come with a pump cover to protect the pump, 4 metres of transfer hose, auto shut-off gun and swivel to avoid the hose twisting.

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