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Digga, Dozer Blades

Digga’s Dozer Blade is a versatile attachment for dozing, levelling ground and general earth moving work. Hydro electric controlled angle and tilt using only one loader valve.

Dozer Blade – 84″ & 94″
  • Universal skid-steer loader quick-attach mounting
  • Large 3” centre pivot pin with hardened steel bushings
  • Full length high carbon steel replaceable skid shoe
  • Set up to default in either tilt or angle position
  • Reversible 3/4” x 200mm bolt-on cutting edge & formed moldboard 8mm thick & 700mm high
  • Angle & tilt cylinders are interchangeable and equipped with self-aligning bushings
  • Optional electrical switch, plug’n’go 8 pin skid steer connection, and electrical control box
  • 2 year limited warranty

Product Brochure: http://www.digga.com/files/Single-Pager-Flyers/Dozer%20Blade.pdf?iframe=true&width=100%&height=100%

 Digga Mini Angle Dozer Blade:

The Digga Mini Angle Dozer Blade is a versatile attachment for dozing, leveling ground and general earthmoving works.

  • 46” Width (117cm)
  • 30° left and right angle.
  • Replaceable wear edge.
  • 11° left and right tilt on Angle/Tilt model only.
    ML-000381: suit dual remote machines
    ML-000382: suit single remote machines
    (complete with Manual Hydraulic Diverter Valve)

Product Brochure: http://digga.com/files/Single-Pager-Flyers/Mini%20Dozer%20Blade.pdf

  • There are no features available
Make: Digga
Condition: New
Category: Attachments

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