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Mini Rubble Bucket

The Digga Mini Rubble Bucket is designed for site clean-up, ground levelling and sifting out debris
Mini Rubble Bucket Features:

  • Ideal for preparing rocky soil making lightwork of the most difficult site conditions
  • 2 models availavle 800mm and 1200mm
  • Hydraulic operated the grapple is fitted to a rock bucket to provide a grabbing arm to trap and contain debris

Grapple Attachment Features: Mini Vibratory Roller Dimensions

  • Hydraulic Grapple attachs to the Mini Rubble Bucket
  • More effective to carry material
  • Grapple suit both models of the Rubble Bucket

Ideal Use:
Clearing construction sites, sifting debris and much more
Product Brochure: http://digga.com/files/Single-Pager-Flyers/Mini%20Rubble%20Bucket%20with%20Grapple.pdf

Rock Buckets for Skid Steers Loaders & Tractors:
Rock Bucket Features & Benefits http://www.digga.com/files/Single-Pager-Flyers/Rock%20Bucket.pdf?iframe=true&width=100%&height=100%
  • 2 sizes available. 1650mm (66″) and 1900mm (75″)
  • Manufactured from Solid 28mm 1045 grade steel round bar
  • 52mm (2″) tyne spacing
Rock Bucket Grapple: http://www.digga.com/files/Single-Pager-Flyers/Rock%20Bucket%20with%20grapple.pdf?iframe=true&width=100%&height=100%
  • Easy to assemble with replaceable Grapple teeth
  • Wide opening grapple with aggressive rake-back tyne design
  • Grapple fits 1650mm and 1900mm rock buckets
  • Teeth interlock with bucket tynes
  • Australian Made Quality
  • Reinforced crossbar reduing bending and flexing
  • Spherical bearings, threaded cylinder glands and secluded grease nipples for added durability


  • There are no features available
Make: Digga
Condition: New
Category: Attachments
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