Husqvarna Battery Chainsaws

Our battery driven chainsaws give you all the power you need, but without the noise and fumes.
One of the most practical things about the Husqvarna Battery Series is the way the different machines work together. The 36V Li-ion battery pack is designed for demanding, long-lasting use and it fits all* of our handheld machines. This allows you to quickly switch the same battery between a trimmer, blower, chainsaw and hedge trimmer and just keep on working.
You can choose to buy your second machine without a battery or you can get an extra battery without buying a machine. This way you can choose the power setup best suited for your needs.
*Chainsaws always require BLi150
A single charge of the powerful 36V Li-ion battery allows you to work approximately as long as you would on one tank of petrol*. And since the charging time is shorter than the usual working time, having an extra battery will enable you to work non-stop.
Husqvarna also offers a backpack battery that provides a capacity up to ten times greater than the integrated battery, allowing you to work with fewer breaks for battery changes. The backpack works with all Husqvarna handheld products and the ergonomic harness is adjustable to fit users of any size.

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Battery Voltage (V) Reccomended bar length (cm) Weight (kg) (excl battery and cutting equipment)
HUSQVARNA 136Li 36.0 3.0
HUSQVARNA 536Li XP® 36 25-35 2.6
HUSQVARNA T536Li XP® 36 25-35 2.4
Make: Husqvarna
Condition: New
Category: Garden Equipment
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