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Straw, grass, dust, cobwebs, sand and even gravel… these blowers do more than just blow leaves. With Husqvarna’s effective blowers, you can make one of the most tedious and tiresome jobs fun and rewarding. For homeowners and professionals alike — our blowers include both hand held models and powerful, professional back pack blowers. High blowing speed, low-vibration level and ergonomic handles and harnesses help you work more efficiently with less strain on the hands, arms and shoulders. They are comfortable and fun to use all over the garden, on paths, patios, in the garage or trailer. In fact they are less of a leaf blower and more of a tidying tool.

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Cylinder displacement (cm³) Airflow in pipe (m³/min) Air Speed (m/s) Weight (kg)
HUSQVARNA 125BVx 28 12.03 76 4.35
HUSQVARNA 525BX 25.4 13 - 4.3
HUSQVARNA 130BT 29.5 10.2 64.82 6.7
HUSQVARNA 530BT 29.5 10.2 64.82 6.7
HUSQVARNA 356BTx 51.7 13.4 79.13 10.4
HUSQVARNA 570BTS 65.6 22 - 11.2
Make: Husqvarna
Condition: New
Category: Garden Equipment
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