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Hydralada 802h MAXI

  • Hydralada 802h Maxi
  • Hydralada 640h Maxi
  • Hydralada 640h Maxi
  • Hydralada 440h Maxi
  • Hydralada 440h Maxi
  • Hydralada 802h Maxi
  • Hydralada 640h Maxi
  • Hydralada 640h Maxi
  • Hydralada 440h Maxi
  • Hydralada 440h Maxi

Work at height and all terrain

The 802h MAXI is a safe and reliable machine for working at heights up to ten metres. Fitted with Tandem Four Wheel Drive for added stability and traction, this model has excellent reach within the tree. With the same rigid chassis and drive components as the 640h, the 802h is ideal for those taller trees.

Rigid Chassis

Strong rigid chassis with higher boom pivot for reach into trees. Working height of up to 10.0m.

Safe manoeuvrable, fast and efficient

Low tail profile, good reach, and a working height of up to 6.40m. Operates easily in tight spaces and is ideal to work alongside the taller 540h and 640h.

Foot operated drive controls

Hydralada 3-pedal foot controls in platform floor and independent wheel drive allows you to turn on the spot and lift simultaneously, hands free.

Quiet engine

Powered by high torqued petrol engine. Kohler petrol engines are reliable, powerful and fuel efficient, with low noise and vibration levels. They’ve been powering Hydralada since 1975.


  • picking bag
  • tandem four wheel drive
  • free wheeling hubs
  • hydraulic chainsaw
  • adjusta tracks
  • diesel engine
  • There are no features available

8.00m Lift height to the platform

Drive Train and Wheels

  • 1.5″ drive axles
  • Hydrabrake system
  • 26 x 12.00 x 12 drive wheels
  • 185 x 14 rear castor wheel
  • Six stud heavy duty wheel equipment
  • High torque hydraulic motors

23hp Kohler twin cylinder OHV petrol engine


  • Heavy duty rigid chassis
  • Heavy duty lift boom
  • Low profile tail
  • Externally mounted muffler

175kg Maximum platform rated capacity


  • Three pedal foot controls
  • Hand operated accelerator
  • Smooth hydraulic valve
  • Dual station with base controls for emergency situations
Make: Hydralada
Condition: New
Category: Elevated Work Platform

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