Inter-row cultivator for truffle born from the experience of the truffle growers combined with our 40 years experience in inter-row machines. The truffle growers need to hoeing the ground without mixing too much  up the soil. From this necessity arises the idea of an inter-row machine with pivoting blades (Patented) which will automatically be adjusted following the direction of the machine. The designed machine makes a safety inter-row hoeing of the ground, and allows to work in each  kind of soils ,  making it soft and porous over time, with a significant physical, chemical and biological benefit. This  allows the growers to create an optimal environment for the development of the truffle. In this way it is possible to get a considerable quantity of truffles  near the surface without  compromising the quality and quantity of the deeper ones.

Data sheet

MOD minimum width row maximum width row displacement from the center of the tractor Amplitude processing tractor power Weight working depth
ET 90 150 200 90 85 30-50 270 5-15
ET 120 200 250 120 135 40-60 300 5-15
ET 160 280 350 160 135 40-60 340 5-15
ET 200 380 600 200 135 60-80 380 5-15
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Make: Rinieri
Category: Soil Equipment

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