Kubota Seeding Equipment PP Series


For all tillage and row crop establishment methods, Kubota offers proven technology. Today Precision Farming has become more and more important. With GEOcontrol and GEOseed® Kubota offers two applications for the PP range that maximise the machine output and prevent double seeding. Even in total darkness your seeding results will be exceptional. The PP models can be used for standard or mulch seeding (depending on optional equipment). The PP series is available with working widths from 3.00-6.00m with flexibly adjustable row widths and a wide range of additional equipment.


The PP1000 models are the universal precision drills for maize, sunflowers, field beans, unpelleted beet, pelleted beet, dwarf beans, soya beans, peas, and many other types of seed. It can be used for a whole diversity of applications and offers greater capacity through increased working widths. The PP1000 series is available with working widths from 3 to 6m, with flexibly adjustable row widths and a wide range of additional equipment. The arrangement of the idler wheels in front of the sturdy machine frame – built from 120 mm square-section tubing is featured only on Kubota precision drills and allows for example the use of flotation tires and an infinite adjustment of track with.


  • There are no features available
  • Stable parallelogram.
  • All parallelogram pivot points with maintenance-free bonded bushes.
  • All press wheels with maintenance free ball bearings.
  • Chill cast coulters with quick release clamping to the coulter housing.
  • Module sowing units: The basic element always remains the same and the equipment can be varied according to individual requirements.
  • Easy exchange of various coulters and press wheels depending on seed type and soil conditions.
  • Patented seeding heart without seals.
  • ISOBUS intelligence.
  • Suitable for all farm sizes, the frame of the Pneumatic Planter is available in working width from 3 to 12m, with telescopic, rigid, trailed and folding toolbar.
  • The sowing units – like the whole machine – are modular in design.
  • The basic element always remains the same and the equipment can be varied according to individual requirements.
  • The press wheels run on maintenance free ball bearings. The sowing depth can be infinitely adjusted by means of a screw jack. A scale ensures even depth adjustment over all rows.
  • The sowing coulters are designed with a high attachment point. This enables them to work deeply when sowing beans or on dry soil, without the housing being subject to wear.
  • Precise depth control is achieved via the tandem design of the sowing units for beet.
  • Standard sowing unit for conventional seeding in prepared conditions: maize coulter and Farmflex depth wheel 370mm (500mm optional), spring-loaded coverer and lifting device as standard.
  • PP sowing unit: elements for mulch and conventional seeding.
  • Seeding heart without seals.
  • The patented seeding heart by Kubota has reduced maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • No friction, no wear, low drive torque, minimum maintenance: The seed disc rotates in the seeding heart together with the vacuum chamber. This seeding drum is connected to the vacuum fan via a hollow shaft.
  • This seed heart principal results in no loss of vacuum, and therefore a low vacuum requirement.
  • e-drive II – complete control and monitoring of the machine from the tractor cab in accordance with ISOBUS standard.
  • With e-drive II, each sowing unit is driven individually via an electric motor.
  • The low-maintenance drive is connected directly to the seeding heart via a toothed belt in an encapsulated dust proof housing.
  • This enable an extremely compact design and smooth drive characteristics with low current consumption.
  • All the data is entered and read out via an ISOBUS terminal like IsoMatch Tellus or Tellus GO.
  • The sowing distances are infinitely adjustable and can be changed during sowing.
  • All the sowing units can be switched off individually.
  • In conjunction with “close row” sowing widths of 37.5cm a further benefit of the e-drive II comes into play: Individual tramline switching. Tramlines can be set up for any spray width.
  • The e-drive II features complete electronic monitoring of all machine functions including seed monitoring via an opto sensor.
  • Stable design, modular system, low maintenance costs, high degree of wear resistance and optimum depth placement.
  • For fertiliser placement Kubota supplies hoppers for different applications.
  • The chain drive for metering can be adjusted from 106 to 390kg per hectare at a distance between rows of 75cm.
  • The fertilizer applicator is driven centrally by an easily accessible side mounted gear box.
  • Fertilising coulter, standard seeding with narrow coulter design and stable, reliable construction, coil spring protection from sideways forces.
  • Mulch seeding notched double-disc coulter for blockage-free and precise fertiliser placement by a Ø 350mm notched double-disc coulter.
  • All PP models can be equipped with micro granule applicators. The hoppers are made of special grade plastics and have a capacity of 35 litres. Depending on the working width the hoppers supply 2 to 3 seeding units.


Make: Kubota
Condition: New
Category: Soil Equipment

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