Kubota SQ3140 Diesel Generator

Kubota SQ3140

Kubota’s largest and premium generator range, the SQ Series heavy duty four pole diesel generators are incredibly powerful and reliable, yet remarkably quiet. The special enclosure with noise absorbing duct, oversized muffler, extra long air cleaner hose and quieter cooling fan combine for super quiet performance.
The Kubota SQ3140 is a premium compact three phase four pole diesel generator with a capacity of 14kVA at 1500RPM.  Fully sound attenuated for a super quiet operation.

  • Brushless, self-exciting type alternator delivers reliable, high-quality power.
  • Sound levels at full load and no load are minimised due to the quieter cooling fans, oversized muffler and noise absorbing ducts within the cabinets.
  • Centre lifting lugs and fork lift slots ensure easy transportation.
  • Single sided access for quick inspection and easy maintenance.
  • Standard with manual key start and hard wire connection to output circuit breaker.
  • Powered by Kubota fuel efficient, water cooled diesel engines.
  • Kubota diesel engines incorporate a TVCS combustion system which improve air/fuel mixture, resulting in cleaner emissions.
  • Engine protected against any abnormalities within the oil and cooling systems with all rotating parts enclosed in a sturdy lockable enclosure.
  • There are no features available
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)6262626268
Operating Hours20.7 @ Full Load9.7 @ Full Load21.4 @ Full Load15.5 @ Full Load11.5 @ Full Load
Starting SystemElectricElectricElectricElectricElectric
Weight (kgs)640730640730880
Sound Levels61dBA @ 7m63dBA @ 7m61dBA @ 7m63dBA @ 7m64dBA @ 7m
Dimensions (mm)1675 x 780 x 9701675 x 780 x 9701675 x 780 x 9701675 x 780 x 9701935 x 860 x 995
TypeVertical Water Cooled Diesel EngineVertical Water Cooled Diesel EngineVertical Water Cooled Diesel EngineVertical Water Cooled Diesel EngineVertical Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Displacement (cc)16472197164716473318
No of Cylinders34344
Bore & Stroke (mm)87 x 92.487 x 92.487 x 92.487 x 92.498 x 110
Rated Output13.6kW @ 1500rpm18.4kW @ 1500rpm13.6kW @ 1500rpm18.4kW @ 1500rpm26.8kW @ 1500rpm
AlternatorTypeRevolving FieldRevolving FieldRevolving FieldRevolving FieldRevolving Field
Max Output11.8kVA (11.8kW)16.0kVA (16.0kW)15.4kVA (12.3kW)22.0kVA (17.6kW)33.0kVA (26.4kW)
Rated Output11.2kVA (11.2kW)15.0kVA (15.0kW)14.0kVA (11.2kW)20.0kVA (16.0kW)30.0kVA (24.0kW)
Power Factor110.80.80.8
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