Kubota Tractor B Series

Compact Tractor 23HP - 31HP

The Kubota B Series range offers exceptional power, versatility and comfort. Available from 23 to 31HP, the large range is powered by Kubota’s reliable diesel engines. Available with a number of attachments that are quick and easy to attach and detach, the B Series is the ideal range for the operator who wants an efficient tractor capable of performing a wide variety of farming, turf, garden and landscaping jobs.

  • Powered by a rugged Kubota engine, renowned worldwide for their exceptional reliability and durability.
  • Features 2-3 range hydrostatic transmission as standard. Equipped with twin operating pedals to offer exceptional handling with frequent changes of speed and direction.
  • Hydraulic power steering offers effortless control to reduce operator fatigue.
  • A front 4-position valve lets you quickly and easily attach a front loader and other front-mounted implements. The valve is easy to access but won’t obstruct or impair the tractor’s clean and sleek look.
  • The B Series all feature a sturdy, hydraulically controlled Category I 3-point hitch that allows you to attach a wide range of rear implements.
  • Towing hitch as standard.

Kubota B2301HD powered by a Kubota 23HP diesel engine
Kubota B2601HD powered by a Kubota 26HP diesel engine
Kubota B3150HD powered by a Kubota 31HP diesel engine
Kubota B3150HDCC powered by a Kubota 31HP diesel engine
Kubota B3150SU powered by a Kubota 31HP diesel engine
Kubota B26B powered by a Kubota 18HP diesel engine

  • There are no features available
EngineTypeE-TVCS, liquid cooled, 3 -cylinder dieselE-TVCS, liquid cooled, 3-cylinder diesel
MakeKubota D1005Kubota D1105
PTO power17.5 (13.0)19.5 (14.5)
Engine gross power HP (kW)22 (16.4)25.5 (19)
Rated RPM28002800
Bore and stroke76 × 73.678 × 78.4
Air cleanerDual paper elementDual paper element
LubricationForced lubricationForced lubrication
Radiator fanRadial air flowPressurized radiator
Cooling systemPressurized radiatorRadial air flow
Fluid CapacitiesFuel tank capacity23L23L
Cooling system capacity3.8L3.8L
Engine lubricant oil capacity3.1L3.1L
Transmission oil capacity15L15L
Drive Train/TransmissionTransmission typeHST (3 ranges)HST (3 ranges)
Final driveSpur gearSpur gear
BrakesMulti-plate wet discMulti-plate wet disc
Differential lock - Rear axleStandardStandard
PTOPTO TypeIndependentIndependent
Rear PTO540540


TypeDiesel, E-TVCSDiesel, E-TVCSDiesel, E-TVCSDiesel
EPA RatingTier IV electronicaly controledTier IV electronicaly controledTier IV electronicaly controledInterim Tier IV (s/n 52091 ~)
Bore and stroke78.0 x 78.4 mm78.0 x 78.4 mm78.0 x 78.4 mm3
Displacement1498cc1498cc1498cc78 mm x 78.4 mm
Maximum torque97.9 N-m97.9 N-m97.9 N-m1123 cc
Fuel shutoffElectric key stopElectric key stopElectric key stopForced lubrication
LubricationForced LubricationForced LubricationForced LubricationLiquid cooled w/pressurized radiator
Cooling systemLiquid cooled w/pressurized radiatorLiquid cooled w/pressurized radiatorLiquid cooled w/pressurized radiatorRadial air flow
Radiator fanRadial air flowRadial air flowRadial air flowGlow plugs
Cold weather start aidGlow plugsGlow plugsGlow plugsEnclosed with spark arrestor
Exhaust/mufflerTotally enclosed mufflerTotally enclosed mufflerTotally enclosed mufflerHand control, right side-mounted for loader and or backhoe operation
Throttle location (s)Hand throttleHand throttleHand throttle
Air filter4.0 in. Dual paper element4.0 in. Dual paper element4.0 in. Dual paper element
Oil filterSpin-onSpin-onSpin-on
Fuel filterReplaceable cartridgeReplaceable cartridgeReplaceable cartridge
HorsepowerEngine gross @ rpm31.0 Hp (22.8 Kw) @ 2500 RPM31.0 Hp (22.8 Kw) @ 2500 RPM31.0 Hp (22.8 Kw) @ 2500 RPM26.0 HP (19.4 kW) @ 2800 RPM
Engine net @ rpm23.3 HP (17.4 kW) @ 2800 RPM
PTO @ rpm23.7 Hp (17.7 Kw) @ 2500 RPM23.7 Hp (17.7 Kw) @ 2500 RPM23.7 Hp (17.7 Kw) @ 2500 RPM19.5 HP (14.5 kW) @ 2800 RPM
Fluid CapacitiesFuel tank capacity27.5 L27.5 L27.5 L31 L
Cooling system capacity4.5 L4.5 L4.5 L4.5 L
Engine lubricant oil capacity5.1 L5.1 L5.1 L3.0 L
Transmission oil capacity15.0 L15.0 L15.0 L26 L
Front axle housing4.7 L
Chassis, Axle and BrakesSteering typeHydraulic power steeringHydraulic power steeringHydrostatic power steeringHydrostatic power steering
Front axle typeBevel gear type, 4WDBevel gear type, 4WDBevel gear type, 4WDBevel gear type, 4WD
Differential lock - Rear axleStandardStandardStandardStandard
Final driveSpur gearSpur gearSpur gearSpur gear
Brake typeMulti-plate, wet discMulti-plate, wet discMulti-plate, wet discWet disc
Drive Train/TransmissionParking brakesParking brake on master brake pedalParking brake on master brake pedalParking brake on master brake pedalParking brake on master brake pedal
Transmission typeHydrostaticHydrostaticHydrostaticHydrostatic
Number of ranges3 Ranges3 Ranges3 Ranges3
Cruise controlStandardStandardStandard
Cooling SystemTypeLiquid cooled w/pressurized radiator
Air flow typeRadial air flow
Radiator screensStandard
Fuel SystemFuel filterReplaceable cartridge


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