Provitis Leaf remover LR 350

The operation

  • Drum with openings in which a suction outlet with a turbine is installed. The depressurisation caused by the turbine forces the leaves to get stuck on the drum that is driven in rotation. The leaves are then taken to a roller placed against the drum. Gripped between the roller and the drum, the leaves are torn off. Beyond the roller and the suction zone, the leaves fall on the ground.
  • Working height 445 mm
  • The leaf stripping head is mounted on a parallelogram frame ensuring that the plane of vegetation is followed
  • The turbines and the roller are driven by hydraulic motors connected in series. The flow required is 22 l/mn
  • The leaf remover LR 350 Ocea shall be mounted in front of a standard tractor. It is supplied with SM 50 carrying frame (hight adjustment 500 mm) and a returning device.

The advantages

  • The entire leaves torn off do not pass into the turbine and therefore, they are not crushed and sprayed into the neighbouring rows.


  • Since the work plane is followed thanks to the parallelogram, the leaf stripping is uniform and without force on the tying or the grapes


  • Simple machine of reduced weight and dimensions, requiring low maintenance.


  • There are no features available
Make: Provitis
Condition: New
Category: Pruning/Trimmers Equipment
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