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Pick-up shredder TRH


TRH shredder is ideal to collect and shred sarments and prunings up to 8 cm in vineyards, orchards and olive groves in both stony and irregular ground. Both reversible and front – drive tractors mounting systems avoid driving over the prunings that are to be shredded. One special rotor brings the prunings into a space above the soil where the hammer rotor (2200 rpm/min) shreds the prunings. The rear of the machine has a discharge grating with gauge holes to control the size of discharged material. This double rotor collection system allows the collection of large quantities of wood, even of a large size. The collector rotors are driven by a hydraulic motor. It is possible to adjust the speed and to reverse the motion if too many prunings obstruct the entrance.

Data sheet

MOD Working width space requirements displacement from the center of the tractor hammers tractor power Weight
TRH 100 103 123 51,5 8 60 – 70 600
TRH 125 127 147 63,5 10 70 – 80 640
TRH 150 150 170 75 12 80 – 90 720
TRH 175 175 195 88 14 90 -100 830
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Make: Rinieri
Category: Lawn Mowers

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