Provitis Pre-pruner MP 122 optima

The operation
Frame with two disc modules equipped with blades cutting through shearing movement. The discs are driven by two hydraulic motors. All the pre-pruning functions are centralized in a hydraulic block. The opening and closing of the modules is done by an electric button.
Rotation of discs at a speed of 280 rpm. for an oil flow going from 24 to 40 l/Min.
Working speed up to 10 km/h.
Two versions available (short and long frame) with stacks of 6 to 28 discs and gap of 60 or 90 mm.
The advantages
The shape of the disc ensures a good grip on the vine shoots and a regular feeding of the machine, without damaging the trellis. The spacing of 60 mm. between the discs favours the cleaning of the wires.
Little maintenance, low weight (from 145 to 270 kgs) and low flow
Reduced sprays because of low rotational speeds.
Bottom part of the discs totally flat, preventing the buds on the trailers from ripping off.
The lower disc* is ground for a quality of cutting comparable to pruning scissors
A circular disc with ground edge on one of the modules facing a toothed disc of the other modules provides a clean cut with splitting of the stems.
The cutting effect of the disc prevents the pinching of wood, a common phenomenon in shearing cuts.
A particular configuration of this equipment ensures the respect of the trellis (stakes and wires)
Option automatic opening
Optical detection works on all types of pickets (wood, steel, concrete) but there should be no leaves. It is also necessary that the pickets should be without perforations in the scanning axis and of a cross-section greater than or equal to 25 mm.
The detection by inductive sensor is possible only with steel picketsOn the other hand, pre-pruning can be carried out immediately after the grape harvests even with the leaves remaining.
Side cuts (option)
The side cuts are supplied with a manual setting of the cutting angles and width. Connected in series with the pre-pruning head, they do not require additional oil flow.

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Make: Provitis
Condition: New
Category: Pruning/Trimmers Equipment
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