Provitis Tying machine PA 5000 Optima

The operation
High clearance frame equipped with a system for lifting the branches and of a tier. The branches are lifted by two wide belts driven in rotation and equipped with independent safety systems. At the back of these belts and on each side of the row, a cord is spooled out for holding the branches in vertical position. These two cords are then tied.
Hydraulic unit for handling the machine setting functions (tier, belt rotation speed, etc.).
Cord reel can accommodate four spools.
Grip stapler
Wire stop in option


The advantages
The rough belts provide an optimum lifting of the branches without force or aggressiveness. They are also fully adjustable (toe-in angle, angle and separation).
The clip tier offers several advantages. A significant autonomy (up to 5000 ties) with reduced dimensions. Easy to maintain and operate. The ties are formed with two clips and not with an anvil: the choice of this technology prevents shocks and fouling.
Tier with storage capacity of 1000 to 5000 ties.
Weight 180 kgs
Belts are equiped with safety devices up and downwards


Protecting device (option)
In lower vines, this option avoids the belts to be dammaged when touching the ground.
Tilting frame
The frame of the tying machine PA 5000 is equiped with a tilting device that might be tightened when driving on the road.


Digital computer
The digital computer controls all functions of the tying machine synchronises the stapling.


Safety device
Independent furling safety, single unit on each of the belts.
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Make: Provitis
Condition: New
Category: Pruning/Trimmers Equipment
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