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Pruners for orchards



New high density-spindle orchard pruner suitable in all kind of varieties like apples, apricots, cherries, olives until 4m (13’) high of the trees. The single acting sickle bar with “SCH” teeth can work with branches up to Ø 3-4 cm (1,2”-1,6”). To adapt the machine to all kinds of orchards are available a number of accessories like top bars or bottom bars. In particular, in orchards with hail nets the top bar can be equipped with hydraulic tilting and hydraulic rear rotation to a avoid the poles. On request it is also available a “window” cutting kit with max 3 bars that makes lightening inside the canopy ensuring better penetration of sunlight. This produces an increase in productivity inside the trees. This kit also reduces the hand labor almost completely during the pruning.

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Make: Rinieri
Category: Pruning/Trimmers Equipment

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