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Razorback Mower CMX 1808

4WD mower
  • razorback CMX1808
  • razorback CMX1808
  • razorback CMX1808
  • razorback CMX1808
  • razorback CMX1808
  • razorback CMX1808

The CMX1808 4WD Razorback has all the features you’d want on any all terrain mower. At the heart of the Razorback 4WD transmission is a mechanical drive shaft that runs from the rear diff to the front axle which drives the front planetary hubs, giving you the ultimate torque at the front of the mower – similar to a conventional off road 4WD vehicle. This puts the power where you need it on steep slopes, and assists with steering in extreme conditions. The positive diff-lock increases the traction in challenging climbing conditions.

  • 18HP vanguard engine
  • Chain driven over head camshaft
  • Selectable 2WD & 4WD from the dashboard on the run
  • A cast iron compact tractor front axle set with planetary hubs
  • High & low ratio gearbox
  • Limited slip diff lock that is selectable from the dashboard
  • Shaft driven cutter deck train
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Foot control for forward & reverse movement
  • Drum brakes and park brake

The twin cylinder mower gives it far more cutting power for handling very extreme, dense undergrowth. It easily manages to cut all of the clumping variety of grasses, most canes and saplings up to 36mm in diameter. This includes most of the usual Australian pests like Tobacco Bush, Lantana, and small Camphor Laurel saplings. Most woody material is easily cut and destroyed as the power is more than adequate in most cutting situations.

All the comfort features including:

  • Steering wheel can be telescoped in or out
  • Steering angle can be altered easily
  • Three position suspension seat
  • Seat can be moved forward & back
  • Rear seat angle can be adjusted
  • There are no features available

Key Specifications

Rated Net Output 18.3 HP @3600rpm
Weight – fuel tank full 360 Kg
Gradeability 25 degrees
Stability Angle 25 degrees left & right
Max Speed 13.8 km/h
Cutting Width 975 mm
Cutting Height 0 – 150 mm
Fuel Tank 20 litres
Drive Train 4 wheel drive
No location available
Make: Razorback
Condition: New
Category: Lawn Mowers

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