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The subsoil fertilizer spreaders IC are suitable for vineyards and orchards in order to bring nutritive material into the ground at 15-20 cm of depth. In this way the granular compost will not deteriorate due to external agents. IC models are built in several versions, with different numbers of spades and tank capacity. It is possible to add to the machine a number of options for every need such as stainless steel tanks, hydraulic opening control, front disc and rear roller to reduce disturbing the turf.

Data sheet

MOD Tank capacity Weight
IC 1 250 100
IC 2 380 180
IC 3 S 90-120 380 210
IC 3 L 140-170 480 230
IC 4 S 90-120 500 330
IC 4 L 150-180 500 330
  • There are no features available
Make: Rinieri
Category: Soil Equipment
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