Provitis Shredder with pick-up SP 50

The operation
The vine shoots are removed by a pick with theeths and are conveyed into a shredding device equiped with hammers and counter-hammers
Once they are shredded, the vine shoots are ejected through a refining grill.
The advantages
The theeths of the pick-up having a particular form increase the removal of the vine shoots and a regular feeding of the shredding device.
Reverse function
Speed of rotation (2300 rpm) and counter hammer ensure a high potential and a fine quality of shredding even in strong conditions (humidity, high density of shoots).
Back attachment in standard version (top attachment in option)
Centralised greasing device
Removal teeths
HooHydraulic security device on shredding device

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Make: Provitis
Condition: New
Category: Pruning/Trimmers Equipment
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