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Crendon Squirrel 536 LBSD

The 53 6 LB SQUIRREL is the ideal machine for avocado and mango plantation

  • Planetary Drive Wheel Hubs
  • Drive wheel planetary hubs are specially made for Crendon Machinery and feature
  • large 8:1 reduction gearbox with an integrated hydraulic motor and incorporate fail safe multi-disc wet brakes as standard.
  • These brakes work when driving down a slope and eliminates creep and overrun.
  • Hubs have quick spring loaded disengage freewheeling as standard.
  • large tapered wheel bearings & cogs; the hub is twice the weight of our competitors.
  • Special seals on the brake piston for long life.
  • Custom made hydraulic motors are fitted to give very high torque at low speed with 250 bar seals.
  • SQUIRRELs are fitted with special valving that give a soft start and stop, greatly reducing the jerky effect that other cherry pickers have.

Fully enclosed engine compartment
SQUIRREL has a spacious fully enclosed lockable engine compartment providing ample room to service a range of engines, air compressors and air receivers. A 55 lt steel fuel tank. Bonnets are raised and held up with a gas stay.  There are additional storage trays to keep pruning tools, first aid equipment and other supplies.
 Quiet Engine
Engine is petrol driven, electric with back-up rope start. The engine base is supported on compression springs which eliminate vibration. An additional muffler pipe is fitted, ensuring a quiet, pleasant working environment.
Powerful Hydraulic System
Hydraulics have the capacity to handle steep and adverse conditions. The system is protected by a very fine 10 micron suction filter. The steel braid hydraulic hoses are fitted with spring guards to ensure long life.
 – largeHydraulic Electric Three Speed
Electric three speed is a standard feature which operates independently from the variable engine rpm, enabling the operator to select a wide range of hydraulic speeds for faster operation and travelling. Gear 3 is automatically switched off and reverts to Gear 2 when the cage is raised above 3m. Switching between gears is very smooth and can be done while driving.
 dual caster wheels
Two independent large diameter caster wheels with an additional horizontal pivot provide a very smooth ride over uneven terrain or street kerbs. As one wheel mounts a kerb the other stays at the original level. Effectively the height of the kerb is halved. This allows the operator to comfortably work safely and quickly. These wheels also greatly reduce the possibility of bogging because of their independent rolling action.  Horizontal pivots has a large self lubricating replaceable bush.

  • There are no features available
Make: Crendon
Condition: New
Category: Elevated Work Platform
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