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Kubota SSV65 ISO Skid Steer Loader

3.2 Tonne 64 HP Engine

Outstanding performance, exceptional comfort, ease of maintenance and superior durability, make Kubota’s NEW SSV Series Skid Steer loaders the clear choice for the job.

New to Kubota’s impressive line-up, the SSV65 ISO Pilot Controlled machine is powered by a 64HP Kubota engine and boasts exceptional 2195KG bucket breakout force. Featuring Kubota’s unique vertical lift design, to deliver exceptional reach of 831mm with exceptionally high hinge pin height of 3085mm for easy dumping into trucks and other lifting tasks

  • Rugged Loader Arm Design with Long Reach and High Bucket Hinge Pin Height
  • Wide Cab with Lots of Extras
  • Door Enclosed Fuel Tank and Easy Refill Access
  • Top Mounted Radiator and Oil Cooler
  • Cooling System and Variable Fan
  • Easy Battery Access
  • Common Rail System and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler
  • Easy Access to Routine Checks with most grease zerks recessed
  • Standard Two-Speed Travel
  • Multi-Function Levers
  • Self-Levelling Function with Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR)
  • Sealed and Pressurized Cabin
  • Wide Comfortable Interior with fold down side bars that provide great wrist support and protect the operator
  • Optimized Air Conditioning
  • Kubota Branded Versatile Attachments
  • There are no features available
Type of operator stationOpen CAB / Closed CAB
Emission certificationTier 4
Gross HP(SAE J1995)HP (kW)/rpm64.0 (47.7)/2700
Net HP(SAE J1349)HP (kW)/rpm63.0 (47.0)/2700
Peak Torque @1500 rpmlbf-ft (Nm)166 (225)
Displacementcu.in. (cc)159.7 (2615)
Bore strokein.(mm)3.5 (87) × 4.4 (110)
Rated operating capacity-50% tipping loadlbf. (kg)1950 (885)
Tipping loadlbs. (kg)3900 (1770)
Breakout forceBucketlbf. (kg)4839 (2195)
Lift armlbf. (kg)3858 (1750)
Lift arm pathVertical
Power trainStandard tire size10-16.5-8PR
Chain size ASA#80
Travel speedLowmph(km/h)6.9 (11.1)
Highmph(km/h)11.1 (17.8)
Traction forcelbf. (kgf)7339 (3329)
Ground clearancein. (mm)7.6 (193)
Loader hydraulic flowgpm (l/min.)18.0 (68.0)
Loader hydraulic pressurepsi (kgf/cm2)3271 (230)
Aux. hydraulic flowStandardgpm(l/min)18.0 (68.0)
Highgpm(l/min)28.0 (106.0)
Service refill
Hydraulic tankgal.(l)4.2 (16.0)
Fuel tankgal.(l)25.4 (96.0)
Operating weight (include operator weight 175lbs.)lbs. (kg)6790 (3080) / 7055 (3200)
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