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Toku Hammer TNB MEDIUM

5.5 - 25 TONNE

Toku’s medium hydraulic breaker range is ideal for excavators from 5.5 to 25 tonne. With five models in the range, there is a hammer to suit every need. Ideal for a variety of applications ranging from tunneling, foundation work, road construction and open pit mining work, Toku’s medium hydraulic hammer range offers outstanding versatility and performance that you can rely on.

  • Cushion chamber allows every blow to be isolated from the carrier and operator, recycling and generating energy for the the next operation.
  • 70% of breaker impact energy is generated from nitrogen gas pressure in the cushion chamber, the remaining 30% of energy is created from the operation oil circuit.
  • The 50/50 piston to tool weight ratio efficiently transfers blow energy into the material to reduce recoil.
  • The long stroke piston enables a more powerful impact energy while increasing stability when recoiling.
  • Using a low pressure nitrogen charge, Toku breakers help cushion every blow, reducing wear and tear and providing operator comfort.
  • Dust preventing valve ensures that the cleaner air from the upper part of the breaker is recycled through the impact chamber and blows dusty air to the bottom.
  • Dust preventing valve can also be used for underwater applications to lead high pressure air from an air compressor.
  • With an innovative side plate and bracket system Toku breakers can be powered by a wide variety of manufacturers and equipment, from skid steer loaders to compact excavators.
  • Direct and independent grease supply to the chisel bush and chisel holder bush ensure maximum chisel life when operating.
  • Dual oval retainer pins guarantee precision alignment, easy tool replacement and longer operating life.
  • Accumulator free design and only two moving parts keeps maintenance simple and low cost.
  • Short oil path between the control valve and cylinder reduces oil contamination and downtime.


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Make: Toku
Condition: New
Category: Attachments
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