Tow and Blow - Frost Fan 250H

Portable Frost Fan
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Effective frost protection for all crops!


The unique design of this fan can provide effective frost protection for all crops even when grown in valleys or on hills. The ability to angle the Tow and Blow impeller as well as horizontally oscillate the fan head for these applications allows exceptional versatility.  No installation costs, no building permits or consents, incredibly quiet, low fuel consumption, along with auto temperature start are all features that set Tow and Blow apart from traditional tower fans.

Can be used for drying fruit pre harvest and before pruning. Can be fitted with an evaporative water mist system for cooling livestock or people. Can be used for de-frosting air craft. Quiet with a noise level of only 45 -50 decibels at 300m. Full 360 degree rotation or partial swivel settings available. Portability is second to none. Easily transported behind a tractor or vehicle.  Stabiliser support feet are lowered to a secure position and the machine levelled for operation. Servicing is simple. The boom is lowered to ground level to service the engine and impeller. Extended fuel lines are available for remote tank set up.


Direct power to fan

24 hp three cylinder diesel engine delivers direct drive to the fan eliminating lost power through drive shafts.

User friendly controls

Auto start functionality enables temperature triggered power start up and shut down.  Both the fan and tower oscillation of the machine start operating once the preset low temperature is detected and automatically shuts down once the upper temperature setting is reached.

Easily transported

The Tow and Blow is easy to transport. Once in position the stabiliser legs are lowered and the machine set level for operation.

Hydraulic lift

The tower has three height positions to enable operation at lower levels if required. Suitable for valleys and hills.

Five blade impeller fan

Unique five bladed fan manufactured from glass reinforced polyamide. Performance tested to recognised world standards.

Aerodynamic design

Aerodynamically designed shroud maximises the air flow capacity. This effectively turbo charges the thrust of the air like a jet engine.





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60L – 2x30L

Fuel Capacity

23.7 HP

Fan Engine Power

5L / hour

Fuel Usage
No location available
Make: Tow and Blow
Condition: New
Category: Other

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