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Provitis Trimmer ST 120

The operation
Adjustable cutting bars with rotary blades of 430 mm rotating at a speed in the range of 2000 rpm.
Driven by hydraulic motors connected in series with transmission by special flat belts
The advantages

  • The blades are oriented at an angle of 5° towards the vegetation for preventing repeat cutting and projection backwards.
  • Oil flow 16 l/mn
  • Flat transmission belts without tensioner, maintenance-free.
  • Quick access to wear parts (international patent).
  • Safety device with automatic return on vertical cutting bars.
  • Stainless steel sheet metal parts and aluminium components.
  • Cutting bars with motors and pipes
  • Manual adjustment of horizontal cutting bar (2DR model)
  • Angle adjustments on all cutting bars.
  • Safety devices on all vertical cutting bars
  • Removal bracket

Choice of cutting heights

  • 3 blades : 123 cm
  • 4 blades : 142 cm
  • 5 blades : 175 cm

From the nearest row spacing to the largest
The attachments of the cutting bars from the top provides the trimmer ST 120 to work either in narrow or large row spacing. Supplied with its own SMD 50 carrying frame including quick attachment, it is equipped with :

  • Hydraulic hight adjustment 700 mm.
  • Width adjustment 1000 or 1400 mm depending the row spacing

In the 2 rows model (2RC) the hydraulic width adjustment combined with the cutting width adjustment facilitate the settings of the machine and reduce the overall dimensions.
Integral vision full option
Supplied with its own carryng frame including quick attachment, the trimmer ST 120 Vi is equipped with :

  • Hydraulic hight adjustment 500 mm
  • Hydraulic width adjustment 800 mm. (distance between side cuts 1200 to 2000 mm.)
  • Manual angle adjustment of both cutting bars (hydraulic in option)
  • Safety device on all vertical cutting bars

The basics of integral vision
The trimmers ST 120 CL are supplied with their own carrying frame including a quick attachment and equipped with :

  • Hight adjustment 500 mm
  • Hydraulic width adjustment 1000 mm. (distance between side cuts 1100 to 2100 mm) or 1200 mm. (distance between side cuts 1300 to 2500 mm.).

The carrying frame SMD 50 AR is supplied with adjustable 3 point attachment (1), grill of protection (2), height adjustment 700 mm
hydraulic width ajustment 1000 or 1400 mm.
It is equipped with 4 wheels (3). In case of low oil flow from the tractor, from a small power station filter device (4).

  • There are no features available
Make: Provitis
Condition: New
Category: Pruning/Trimmers Equipment
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